How to Get rid of Sperm Count/infertility in men

Having a low sperm count is an

issue you should not ignore

cause it deprieve you of your.

chances of getting your partner pregnant and you know this has

caused alot of misunderstanding between some couples out there they fail to understand that there

is a way to solve every little issue.
Low sperm can some how

decrease the chance for one of your sperm cells to fertilise Your partners egg, resulting in

pregnancy. But never the less there are a lot of men with low sperm count but were able to get there partners pregnant with

facing difficulties it all depend on what works out for you

perfectly, You can feel bad about your inability to get your partner pregnant but we have a

thousands of ways to improve low sperm count it wonts cause

you a dime to observe and practice this.You can improve your low sperm count by doing the following

1) Eat healthy food you should know that there are foods that doesn’t add anything to your

health you should avoid anything that can harm your sperm cells, eat food which can even make

you physically fit And can improve your performce on bed and also observe weight

2) Doing exercise regularly
you should know that men who do exercise regularly tend to have high level of Testosterone and improve Infertility,

Study have shown that a man who does exercise on a daily basis will have high level of

testosterone than an inactive man so stick to your exercise and boost your level of sperm count
3) Avoid the intake of alcohol

an alcohol react with your sperm cells and it disorganises them leaving the sperm cells inactive you will unable to produce

children taking something other than alcohol with do more good

to your body and might generate new active cells . so taking

alcohol is not good for your heatlh at this time