How to Get rid of Sperm Count/infertility in men

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if you done know what infertility is or

you have been looking for ways to deal

with infertility then this article is for

you  read carefully and get the good

points out of this article

infertility can simple be describ

as the in ability to produce child without medical help   there are two  types of infertility  male and female infertility
male infertility  is a situation  where by a man fail or is able  to get his wife pregnant naturally. But this usally depend on the quality of his sperm cells.
Infertility  is sometimes Linked to sexaul function but other times it is link with the strength of the semen in a man
Here are the top most cause of infertility  in male

1) Libido; this is the persons sexual urge or the desire for sex the supplement for boosting your libido is called

2) Sperm count; this is the quality of

sperm cells which are active to fertilise a female egg  at a time

3) Erectile dysfunctions: this is equal call as impotence This is a

situation when a man can not handle erection
or una able to develop erection This render the manhood useless

4) Sperm motility:  This is the ability  of a living or healthy sperm cells to move around the cell wall

5) Testosterone percentage: Low level of testosterone  and the male sex hormone can be responsible  for infertility  at some point

Infertility  have maybe cause by General health, Genetics, fitness,

disease and dietary contaminant .

there are many ways of improving or

dealing with infertility  in a man


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