A copywriter put up a picture of an expensive pen and asked his followers to sell to him.
The tweet with the highest likes would be termed the winner and would win some cool gifts from the copywriter
Come and see how folks started rushing to create various kinds of offers round the pen…
Examples below;
“This pen is used by the world’s greatest copywriters in the world. Get yourself one if you want to be a good copywriter”
“This pen is worth $3000 and was used by John Roseevelt. There are just 100 pieces available. Hurry and get one today”
“Buy this pen and get 3 jotters free”
(This one actually cracked me up)
And a lot of other offers like that..
See, dear Copywriter…
Sometimes you need to CALM DOWN!
Before you rush into the comment section to tell us how
… Elon Musk used this pen to generate millions for his company..
Or how this pen is used by the best copywriters in the world…
Chill! Okay?
First things first..
Before making any move to sell any product at all, you need to first of all understand who your IDEAL CLIENT is
Knowing who needs your product is very key when it comes to selling
So in this case, who are those who need this pen?
People in the corporate world, right?
Those who do documentation and sign lots of paperwork daily…
Ok, lets be clear…
Office workers; secretaries, bankers, etc
Now that you know who you’re selling to,
The next point is to know their challenges…
Get these people to talk to you;
What’s their day like?
If these guys in the corporate world do a lot of paperwork, they’d definitely need a pen that doesn’t run out quickly…
Or one that makes their handwriting stand out, right?
Now that you understand what their challenges are; what bothers them about their work and all…
(At this point, you now know they’d be willing to pay anything for your pen)
You can now go ahead to present the UNIQUE BENEFITS of your pen and how it solves their PAIN POINTS
This is where you share your “Elon Musk” experience…
Experience of those who used the pen and how it has helped them to become more productive at work, etc
Get them to buy the pen with a clear-cut CTA
You can offer some bonuses and attach guarantees
This is how you sell your pen, and any product, really
Hope this helped someone?

By Damson AG

Damson is a university student who is damn in love with writing and publishing article and providing solution for all online researchers yo grow

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