Check photos Of The Lady Who Steal A Cake And A Bottle of wine. Yesterday In Port Harcourt
A fine girl who was identified in the picture below was allegedly accused of stealing a bottle of wine and the complete birthday cake she left the celebrant with heart break as she took everything to her house. but before that she recently complained that she don’t use to talk to anybody and no body is inviting her to any occasion so this got some people worried and

they invited her to a particular birthday celebration that’s when she steal both the cake and wine. How can someone be this heartless you took away someone’s happiness and chill your self without any sense of reasoning she did this and she was too comfortable with doing it, in port Harcourt this news has been circulating all over and people gave different reaction to this current issues her name is still hidden cause she don’t want people to confirm her real identity this is very painful to see a good looking person doing such a bad habit she has therefore tarnished her image before many other people just for the love of material things of the world that will finish within
some days but her tarnished image can never be build back again. please avoid anything that will bring shame and disgrace to your home and family. we have come across this similar stories /cases but this one is some how critical cause its a public disgrace its unbearable but the girl never think of having any issue with her friends and family she is so
much concern on taking what doesn’t belong to her but a time will come where by she will meet someone that will do it for her in the future like the way she is doing now

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